At a Glance

Restoring the Long-term Economic, Environmental and Social Health of our Cities

Many cities in North America are dealing with similar challenges that do not respond to a piecemeal, surface-level approach to development. Enter CityCraft, with a proven process of transforming deeply distressed urban communities into vibrant, showpiece neighbourhoods with environmental, social, and economic sustainability and resiliency. We help restore the long-term economic, social, and environmental health of our cities.

Instead of traditional models that bring in short-term outside solutions that ultimately displace existing residents, the CityCraft approach begins with a detailed investigation into the inherent strengths within the community, from community organizations to school infrastructure. These local resources and active engagement with residents is harnessed to create a plan entirely tailored to that community. Communities undertaking the CityCraft approach will

  • be equipped for participation in a restorative economy that restores the environment and constantly feeds itself in a self-sustaining in the long term
  • have an active economic and social justice focus based on local needs and skills
  • be designed for greatly reduced environmental impacts

As a true partner in the redevelopment process, CityCraft works hand-in-hand with cities to establish shared vision and goals, research and catalogue community resources, secure investment, mobilize community participants, and implement a long-term, cross-sector plan.  Cities working with CityCraft have seen dramatic changes in the quality of life in neighbourhoods that previously did not respond to redevelopment efforts.

CityCraft Core Beliefs

Shared Vision – We believe that renewed community vision can only come from within a community itself.  Our experience is that when people understand the unique social and natural heritage of their community and share a common vision for the future, greater social and economic durability results.

Collaboration – Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination & integration. Our role is to help organizations look beyond narrow mandates and embrace a holistic solution to urban problems that builds on existing assets.

Embedded Capital – CityCrafting may be seen as improved resource management. We believe that the issue is not a lack of money but how funds and resources are identified, appreciated, measured, leveraged, integrated and allocated. Our success in community development has taught us that when we can increase the effectiveness of how human, organizational and natural resources are used, local wealth can be generated.

Appropriate Scale – All natural, organizational, and physical infrastructure systems operate at a certain scale. Our discovery process determines the appropriate scale for successful redevelopment that typically goes beyond the artificial boundaries of a neighbourhood or district.

Financial Resiliency – Financial resiliency comes from building local capacity and careers with wealth creation that is reinvested locally.  A key part of CityCrafting is uncovering the necessary training and small business support strategies needed to help communities adapt to new urban economies while building upon existing skill sets relative to the region.

Sustainability – Success requires an approach that addresses the long-term health of our cities. Sustainable solutions for economic problems recognize that social durability and reduced environmental impact are just as important to the long-term success of any redevelopment project.

Openness and Transparency – Successful revitalization requires continual feedback. We assist in developing the processes and metrics to measure and report on the environmental, social, and financial impacts of community development long term.