Addressing Problems at the Systems Level with Truly Sustainable Solutions

We are in the human habitat business, not the building business.  We are responsible for the long-term health of those we serve.  Buildings, blocks and cities are living breathing organisms whose overall health is dependent on the health of each component and system of that organism.  If one system is unhealthy, it affects the whole.

CityCraft has reinvented the way we look at the built environment and created a new blueprint for building and managing the modern city.  Our project experience ranges from individual buildings to city-wide community revitalization efforts.  After each significant project, we have evolved our process based on lessons learned and the most current thinking in city-building.  We believe that an understanding of individual buildings must first be achieved before you can understand the block and subsequently, the city.

Improving our buildings, blocks, and cities in a silo mindset where one does not take into account, the system as a whole, will not heal our cities.  Improving, economic vitality, community stability, environmental health, and social justice must be integrated into the process of healing our cities.  Our cities can be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.