Our Approach

CityCraft has created a process–CityCrafting‚ц –for how to revitalize, build and manage our cities for the 21st Century. The process is about looking at the systems-scale nature of a community, galvanizing the community behind a common vision and creating the tools for the community, and CityCraft, to execute on the vision developed.

Traditional Redevelopment Approach CityCraft Approach
Short-term solutions A multi-year process designed to yield long-term results
Early-stage assistance through high-level recommendations An implementation partner providing practical assistance in all aspects of the redevelopment through project completion
Narrow scope and field of expertise Cross-sector plan, with experts in economic redevelopment, habitat restoration, green buildings, master planning, and community engagement
Prescriptive and generic approach Customized solution catered to the resources, culture, and heritage of each community
Concerned solely with financial capital Values four forms of capital: human, physical, natural, and financial; uncovers creative ways to fund revitalization efforts
Low-level or temporary job creation Career creation for the 21st century economy built on existing skill sets of the community specific to the relative bioregion
New residential and commercial  developments to gentrify area, pushing existing groups and individuals to the fringes Engages and protects under-utilized members of the community with proven and inclusive methods
Token community engagement forum Authentic community involvement through identifying existing resources and community-directed growth that is long term