CityCraft Ventures and Biohabitats Announce Strategic Collaboration

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Collaboration includes Keith Bowers, President and Founder of Biohabitats joining the CityCraft team

Keith Bowers

Keith Bowers

We are very pleased to formally announce that Keith Bowers has joined the CityCraft team as an owner, and Biohabitats will serve as a strategic partner in cities where CityCraft℠ operates. In 1982, Mr. Bowers founded Biohabitats, Inc., a design and consulting firm focused exclusively on conservation planning, ecological restoration and regenerative design. Mr. Bowers is an internationally recognized expert and thought leader on the application of ecosystem processes, biodiversity conservation and natural capital best practices throughout urban centers.

The story of CityCraft Ventures and its CityCrafting process is one that celebrates a 100+ year journey in the community and human habitat building business. The CityCraft vision and process for how to revitalize, build and manage our 21st Century cities looks at the systems-scale nature of a community, encompasses long-term, holistic thinking that respects cultural, economic and ecological systems. Mr. Bowers and the Biohabitats team strengthen this vision of CCV by bringing on-board decades of experience in conserving and restoring our ecological systems.

Founder and CEO of CityCraft Ventures, John L. Knott, Jr, stated, “Keith Bowers and the Biohabitats team is our country’s leading intellectual and design voice in valuing and restoring our natural capital resources to their importance as a key part of healing our cities and building our sustainable future. Our collaboration will strengthen CityCraft’s ability to address the social and environmental justice issues of our cities and build a true sustainable economy that values our human and natural capital as the most important assets of our cities.”

Keith Bowers added, “Biohabitats is excited to form this collaboration with CityCraft. It reinforces our belief that the health and vibrancy of any city is based on a strong and robust ecological foundation that celebrates life. This collaboration will strengthen our work in ecological democracy and environmental justice issues, ensuring that all communities are empowered to shape their futures.”

Biohabitats is currently collaborating with CityCraft Ventures in several cities around the U.S., working to restore ecological resiliency, enhance biological diversity and regenerate natural capital.

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About Biohabitats
Founded in 1982, our practice can best be defined as a blend of sound science, place-based design and ecological democracy. Providing conservation planning, ecological restoration and regenerative design, our practice is ingrained with the intent to design with ‘place’ and all of its complexity, diversity and life. And it is infused with a sense of compassion, fairness and equity for all peoples and their communities.

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