John Knott Joins EcoDistricts Board of Directors

Posted on 11/07/2013 at 3:45 pm by Sir Geoffrey Comments Off on John Knott Joins EcoDistricts Board of Directors

John L. Knott, Jr, Founder and CEO of CityCraft Ventures recently joined the EcoDistricts Board of Directors.  John is proud to join the Board and is excited about the future of EcoDistricts.  Rob Bennett, CEO of EcoDistricts, added “We’re thrilled to have John join the EcoDistricts Board of Directors. He is one of the Nation’s most provocative developers and city builders that truly embraces sustainability in all it’s messiness.”

EcoDistricts, formerly Portland Sustainability Institute, embraces the vision of creating sustainable cities from the neighborhood up.  An EcoDistrict is a new model of public-private partnership that emphasizes innovation and deployment of district-scale best practices to create the neighborhoods of the future – resilient, vibrant, resource efficient and just.  Urban development leaders of all stripes, from mayors to universities to affordable housing providers, see EcoDistricts as the powerful way to address many of their pressing challenges, from climate change to neighborhood degradation.


The EcoDistricts Summit , taking place next week in Boston, MA will be convening leading municipal policymakers, developers, business leaders, planners, and community leaders – people with decision-making power – to share best practices and shape the growing EcoDistricts marketplace.  CityCraft will be well represented at the Summit as John will be joined by CityCraft’s Director, Geoffrey Reid and also by CityCraft Ventures Owner and Founder of Biohabitats, Keith Bowers.  Keith will be a plenary speaker at the Summit,  joining others from around the world gathered to teach and inspire through carefully curated plenary sessions and panel discussions.  Congratulations to John and EcoDistricts!  We look forward to seeing you there.

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